Studio One: Reboot Back to the Future Completion

Hello, readers! I’ve finally gotten around to doing a blog post on the completion of the Reboot project, which we finished up a few weeks ago. Although the project presented some tough situations and required a lot of work to complete, our small group managed to pull through and produce a final product which met the specified brief, and which we ultimately were content with, considering the condition our group unfortunately ended up in. Despite our troubles, we soldiered on and performed to the best of our ability, even with the lack of project leads or management.

This Blog Post relates to LO 19:

LO 19: Interpret a brief and deliver a product to a client’s specification.

How did we meet the Project Brief?

The project brief specified that we we were to create a title sequence for a reboot of an already existing piece of media and re-visualize this content in the art style of a separate property. We had tight time constraints and limited work hours, so we had to work quickly and efficiently to generate this new concept.

In our project, we were rebooting Back to the Future in the style of the Typomad sequence. Typomad had a very distinct, stylized aesthetic which was a challenge to incorporate in a Back to the Future based title. The Typomad style was achieved in 3D, which made our job much more difficult considering the time constraints. It’s unique style of camera movement (or lack of), the importance of animated text on objects and the flat colouring posed a serious challenge to all of the studio one members.

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We did a lot of research to end up where we did in the end, and if we had more time we would have definitely explored the After Effects side of things more thoroughly. Yet we worked with what skills we had, and I was able to provide half of the 3D assets and perform the lighting and rendering for the sequence.


Working to Typomad’s style meant that lighting, rendering and composting were three vital stages which weren’t to be overlooked. Unfortunately, we did run out of time near the end to extensively research more professional methods of implementing animated text within After Effects, but we very clearly nailed the lighting and animation style of the Typomad sequence. Every asset was created in mind of the overall style of Typomad – we tried to keep things as simple as possible, and we refrained from incorporating too many colours or using high amounts of detail on the assets. Simplicity was key, and sticking by this led us to achieving the final sequence we did. Because we all sticked together and made certain to remain loyal to the style of Typomad, we were able to meet the project brief.

We used minimal or very slow camera movement to emulate the animation style of Typomad. Sometimes it was hard for us to hold back on using more active and exciting shots, but we managed to!

Lighting was another thing that was quite difficult to pin down – while Typomad’s lighting style looked simple, it was actually incredibly difficult to replicate. I set up a lighting rig within our max scene which, when rendered, closely matched the flat lighting style with soft shadows that Typomad had.

In the end, we were all able to contribute our own respective skill-sets and despite the circumstances of our leadership, we met the project brief and produced something we were happy with. Here is our finished sequence:

And in comparison, the Typomad sequence:

I think that there are clearly some differences between our reboot sequence and the Typomad title, but with the constraints we had I believe our group of solely studio one members did a solid job of meeting the brief. If we had more time, I definitely would have explored options for 3D text and more impressive compositing techniques, but we didnt have that opportunity. Still, I’m glad we met the brief.


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