GAM110: DOOM – Knee Deep in the Dead

One of our preperation tasks for GAM110 was to play through the “Knee Deep in the Dead”, the first episode of Doom, a classic title released in 1993 by id Software. Doom is a sci-fi first person shooter set on Mars, where you play as “Doom Guy”, and must fight against the invading demons from Hell. While I haven’t played the game myself prior to now, I do know that it was one of the most influential titles which made the FPS genre what it is today. As such, it was a very interesting experience playing this title – it felt a bit like diving back into video game history.

Doom cover art.jpg

Playing the game was quite difficult for me. Having become accustomed to the way modern FPS games work, it took me a while to figure out the controls. Moving around felt like quite a chore, and sometimes it was a real struggle to actually aim correctly at an enemy. The confusing controls definitely contributed to the difficulty of the game, and made it hard to get into.

Image result for doom

Once I got the hang of the controls and understood the gameplay a bit more, I actually enjoyed myself a lot more. It was then pretty easy to figure out how to navigate the different levels and what all the items did. After playing for around five minutes, I seemed to enhance my aiming skills and figured out how to move around a lot more smoothly.

The most surprising thing about this game is how easy it was to navigate. Judging from the look of the game, I expected it to be difficult to understand where to go or what to do, but this was definitely not my gameplay experience. Everything was quite easy to understand in concern with the levels, including when you needed to find a keycard to open a door to advance. So while the controls were incredibly confusing, the actual gameplay was not.

Doom was a really different experience for me, and is wildly different from the games I usually play. It was a great learning experience, and while it’s not my favourite kind of game, it was really great to play something different!




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