What makes video games feel good?

In this blog post I’m going to be talking about what makes video games “feel” good. After watching game designer Jan Willem’s talk on this subject, I found myself very surprised at how changing such small aspects of a game affected how the player experienced it. Jan Willem is a designer at Vlambeer’s Games. His […]


Dys4ia (representing the word Disphoria) is an autobiographical game created by Anna Anthropy. The game focuses on Anna’s personal experience with hormone replacement therapy, and as the player we do not so much play the game as experience it. The game is really an interactive story which allows us to empathize with Anna’s emotional journey […]

GAM110: DOOM – Knee Deep in the Dead

One of our preperation tasks for GAM110 was to play through the “Knee Deep in the Dead”, the first episode of Doom, a classic title released in 1993 by id Software. Doom is a sci-fi first person shooter set on Mars, where you play as “Doom Guy”, and must fight against the invading demons from Hell. […]

Specialisation: Topology on Character Models

During my specialisation project, I had to thoroughly research correct topology for character models, as Elauriel was destined to undergo a lot of animation later on! As a 3D artist, it is sometimes very easy to forget about or glaze over proper topological practices. We are usually thinking about how to make the model look […]

Snofyr: Asset Creation

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about a game called Snöfyr that I have been working on over the past few weeks with the Studio One game students. The game is set on a Swedish island, where three kids launch themselves down a snowy mountain to become snowballs, gaining in size to smash the […]

Specialization: Sculpting Stylized Characters

Sculpting stylized characters is a completely different process to creating realistic ones. I have discovered so many new sculpting techniques while creating Elauriel in Zbrush, ones that I never even considered using before. I have previously been sculpting using realistic principles – meaning I focused heavily on anatomy and realistic proportions in past character sculpts. […]